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It seemed more that they had witnessed something they interpreted as violence against children.The children also told about bizarre violence and sacrifices of animals, and of naked people doing bizarre ritualistic sexual actions with themselves. The places described were mostly totally different from the house of the assistant or others accused.Some of the parents, began their own investigations, mainly by performing their own interrogation of the children and posing suggestive questions regarding specific persons working in the kindergarten, and what they did to the children.Soon the attention of both the children and the parents were directed towards a male assistant in the kindergarten.

There a group of persons subjected then to frightening bodily and menal ordeals.

The Zimbabwean Dollar was the official currency of Zimbabwe from 1980 to April 12, 2009.

During that time, the currency suffered three massive redominations to deal with high face value paper denominations brought about by hyperinflation.

In the subsequent development more children were added and extensive investigations were initiated by the social services, the health services, the police and by the parents themselves.

As the investiagtion went on several other suspected persons were added, especially persons with a role in the community services, and even the sherrif in the comune was added as as suspect.

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