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i want kazeo fight with tatsuya-the litle bro, genji vs ryu urushibara, serizawa vs narumi san, izaki vs tokaji, shibata vs fujiwara, tokio vs wasio gota, ryohei vs his uncle kawanishi, the black dynamite and mikami bros vs Ebizuka Junior High Trio - makoto, hiromi and toshiaki - the 3 guys who have a deny izaki san, goura vs the bald guy from himself army, and of course i want to see chuta, and the best friend of kazeo in crows 3 i forgot his name..i want kawanishi, wasio gota, fujiwara, and the bald guy from crows 3 be the we all know,the most favorit person in this movie is Takiya Genji & Tamao Serizawa..........i'm sure it will be great & got much positive respons............And that needs to be addressed.” Khan also suggested that plays starring BAME actors in prominent roles struggle to find commercial success because theatre audiences are so narrow.He said the “real problem” with staging work centred on BAME stories was “the commercial risk”. So work that is diverse and histories that are not often represented [on stage]…He explained: “You can’t see technicians working, so its more of a journey to advertise and highlight that there are opportunities and backstage at the National Theatre – 300 different types of jobs.

Also i dont want to see makise, ken san and rindaman in crows 4 and i think it will be great like that for the producer_sama & the director_sama......However, Act for Change trustee Stephanie Street said the figures showed “significant underrepresentation of south Asian students”.“What we’re seeing is drama schools are getting diversity, but that diversity is largely made up of black students and those of dual heritage,” she said.On the technical side, we are barely started,” he said.Suffolk agreed, adding that representation in the backstage sector was “quite a long way back” behind onstage roles.

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the hard fact is that there’s a challenge for them to make money.

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