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If the baby constantly looks in the same direction, the vertebrae in his or her neck are most likely fixed (the Chiropractic term is subluxated).

Subluxated vertebrae can often be irritated or sore and an adjustment will enable an infant to move his or her neck in a more normal range of motion, while reducing the discomfort that the baby experiences.

Many people simply do not know how much of difference Chiropractic adjustments can make to an infant or child’s health because infants and toddlers are usually unable say that their necks or low backs are hurting.

This guitar is Collectors Grade condition with full documentation and original hard shell case.Another concern for Chiropractors with regards to children are bumps and falls.As babies learn to navigate their bodies in space, they fall frequently, and these jolts can cause misalignments in their spine.This guitar is untouched in Collectors Grade condition with documentation and original hard shell case.Documents include a Jackson Certificate of Authenticity, and Letter of History.

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