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There are 1.5 million starving and imprisoned Palestinians living in Gaza and the bombing and threatened ground war by a superior military force constitutes genocide by any understanding of the word. I find the present attack by Israelis on Palestinians, the latest episode in a 60-year battle for territory in the Middle East, to be mind numbing. The Israeli-Palestine conflict has defeated dozens of peace makers. Obama's election will not help, for he is a "friend" to Israel, which means that he and new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will continue the Bush administration's support for whatever the Israelis want to do.

As i tweeted the other night, ‘You can’t get away with it. When the waitress says ‘ breast or thigh’ it is not an invitation. Mga top 5 commentators dito sa blog: Top 5 Paramihan ng comments (always present): 1. Mahilig bumanat pero mga pikon pala.” Most Outrageous Non-Political Tweets of the Year: Cong. Chief Justice Renato Corona and the Supreme Court – Mayor Sara “The Davao Punch” Duterte vs. Jules Ledesma @julesled: “To hatid or not That is the question. Edwin Lacierda @dawende: “Noticed how Leftists are so onion-skinned? ayaw yatang tumaas man lang kahit kaunti ung kalidad ng mga pinoy. walang kakwenta-kwenta talaga ang mga showbiz news ni Lhar Santiango. Tinawag lang (na) perjuicio ang strike, pumuputok ang butchi nila! @julesled: “Dear antok eto doble bayad insomia natin sya­para saddam bukascyan hehe alam ko yaman yaya kandado ng kwarto la na ‘yun” – The arrest of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – The impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona – The suicide of Angelo Reyes on President Aquino’s 51st birthday. Miguel Zubiri – KC Concepcion’s revelations on the sad state of her relationship with Piolo Pascual – President Aquino and Secretary De Lima vs. Mahilig pa mandin sya magreport ng mga HDNL na mga artista (hanggang doon na lang).

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