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Oleh karena itu aku mencoba mempertahankan rumah tangga kami agar selalu damai, Suamiku adalah seorang pria yang lumayan mampu dalam bidang ekonimi dan sangat terpenuhi masalah semua kebutuhan ku dan anakku.

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Perasaan cinta dan kesetiaan yang kujaga selama ini pun semakin berubah dan tambah semakin dendam.

Meski aku mencoba bertahan dengan kondisi rumah tangga yang sudah berantakan, dan didalam pikiranku hanya dendam yangada.

The failure of the Bank to have a robust and operationally functioning compliance program warrants the serious sanctions and remedial action that DFS is taking today, with an independent monitor in place to review specific transactions over a prior 18-month period.” DFS examiners found that the New York Branch of Agricultural Bank of China has conducted U. dollar clearing in rapidly increasing volumes since 2013 through foreign correspondent accounts, even after DFS warned the Bank not to increase its dollar clearing transactions until it significantly improved its compliance function.

The Bank willfully ignored DFS’s warning and dollar clearing transactions by the Bank at the New York Branch skyrocketed in 20, creating an untenable risk at a time when the Bank was not able to satisfy even basic compliance requirements.

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The Bank also was found to employ non-transparent and evasive transaction methods, including sending coded messages through the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system that masked the true parties to a transaction and avoided screening by DFS.

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