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I really dont know why we go looking to the far east for gurus when we have them right here. The praise is of course wonderful to hear, and I accept it gladly and gratefully. And I learned a lot from working with Mike La Fevre at Magenequest, which went into the current choke and transformer design.

I must however give credit where it is due (and identifiable). (Mike's stuff is still better than my designs, by the way.)We are a community after all.

If that's correct, then I can say that it's in the mid 70's.

Mind you that I prefer Classical Music, so that's a good place to be when the dynamic nature of the music kicks in and that's just what horns can do, that your AN's would have trouble with.

Best Regards, Terry O There have been a few AA threads on this recently; I can recall a recent one over on the SET Asylum.

SETs like an even impedance with minimal phase angles - no dips in the bass please and preferably well-managed peaks in the case of vented alignments (though with suitable box tuning and a decently behave amp, these are not as problematic as dips).

Flawed they may be, but fun to listen to nonetheless - depends what you value most in your music. Get the 15 watt one so you can experience the clipping. I could be completely wrong here, and I'd be happy to entertain any thoughts on why 2W is okay with that tiny 'lil plate structure.

Seriously if your considering buying audio note speakers. Build a set of paper machete speakers out of your sterophile magazines. I know listeners aren't good THD identifiers usually, but in SETs, I'm definitely sensitive to it when they run out of zoot. Posted by the old school (A) on July 13, 2011 at "You are totally incorrect in this. The Audio Notes also have FAR superior bass than any horn I have heard.

But, they still have the physical constraints imposed by said format; at some point, no mater how much fettling, their balance of limitations and strengths are simply not worth the $$$ for many people.

As far as superior bass to any horn "you've" heard, that's certainly a possibility, but I wouldn't say they stack up very well against horns that I've heard.

BTW: There are a lot of speakers that can break the 100d B barrier, it's how well they do it that actually counts. Best Regards, Terry O "If you listen to music at higher SPLs than the ANEs, driven by the jinro SET amp, effortlessly produced, you will soon be deaf (or are already deaf). "A common argument of those who prefer speakers incapable of realistic dynamics; that you shouldn't listen to realistic dynamics anyway.

Cheers, R "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." Shunryo Suzuki For me, its not about high volume levels, but an ability to play music effortlessly.

That is, maintaing composure / effortlessness when music gets busy and dynamic.

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he said:"EXTREMELY high SPLs." That's not the same as:"extremely high SPLs".

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