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Nottage’s engagement with the community will include classes and public Q&A sessions with places of workshop, diversity groups, nonprofits and Minneapolis schools. 1976-77, oil on canvas, by Alec Montroy (1918-2006) of the Delaware and Cree Nations. Monogrammed cotton plain weave, cotton novelty weave, and silk novelty weave. Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. Seley, 1979 (1979.282), Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art.A New York Community Trust grant to AMERINDA is supporting a new online gallery of work by Native American artists in New York. Visual Understanding in Education With a New York Community Trust grant, Visual Understanding in Education trained teachers in elementary and middle schools to use art to teach critical thinking skills., originally created in 1970, was performed on rooftops around the High Line forty-one years later. To be exhibited in Rendering of “Yellow” from Orly Genger's forthcoming site-specific installation, Red, Yellow and Blue (2013), with 1.4 million feet of layered, painted, and knotted rope, at Madison Square Park in New York City this coming spring. A tapestry made in China made for the Portuguese market to be shown in Marking sampler by Sarah Jane Patch (1819-1847), 1827.

With an Artists in Schools grant from the California Arts Council, Performing Arts Workshop conducts 10 in-school artist residencies in dance and music with two long-time partner Title I schools in San Francisco.Breakout: Beyond the Fair: Aesthetics and Socially Engaged Art led by Rosa Naday-Garmendia (Artist, Miami FL), Ebony Golden (CEO/ Principal Engagement Strategist) and Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative (New York, NY) with breakout participants.With a JUMP St Arts grant from the California Arts Council, the Armory Center for the Arts in Los Angeles County provided standards-based arts education through Learning Works at Homeboy Industries, led by Master Armory Teaching Artists who have a passion for educating and mentoring at-risk and in-crisis youth.With a Creative California Communities grant from the California Arts Council, Arts Council Napa Valley partnered with three Napa Valley arts and tourism organizations to raise awareness for the region as a cultural destination by collaboratively producing and promoting events, activities, and programs as part of the 2015 Napa Valley Arts in April celebration.The festival activities were strategically aimed at enhancing economic vitality, innovation, and artistic standards of this rural community.

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The resulting mural was a major collaboration with the public.

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