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Previously, Baylor University policy listed homosexual acts with adultery, fornication, incest, sexual abuse, harassment and assault as sexual acts that were expressly prohibited.

But the university has dropped specific actions that would be considered violations and its policy now specifies only "that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity."University spokeswoman Lori Fogleman referred questions Tusday about how the policy affects to married gay couples to the policy's application section, which still cites a 1963 Southern Baptist doctrinal statement specifying marriage as uniting one man and one woman in a lifetime commitment."These changes were made because we didn't believe the language reflected Baylor's caring community.

Some have claimed that even though Kinsey may have been disturbed and engaged in immoral behavior, his fundamental conclusions and his data still remain accurate. Moreover, so few normal women would talk to them that the Kinsey team labeled women who lived over a year with a man ‘married,’ reclassifying data on prostitutes and other unconventional women as “Susie Homemaker.” It is crucially important that people become aware of the truth behind the Kinsey Reports.The Father of the Sexual Revolution was a sado-masochistic bi-sexual sex criminal who facilitated the sexual torture of infants and children. Kinsey’s team] ‘forced’ subjects to give the desired answers to their sex questions, 2.His goal was not just to engage in scientific research in order to see where the data took him, but rather, as one of his prominent biographers Michael Jones notes, to launch a crusade to undermine traditional sexual morality. Secretly trashed three quarters of their research data, and 3.was nothing less than a monstrous facilitator of child-rape.In fact, he even went so far as to record children shrieking and thrashing in pain, passing out and convulsing as the result of the hellish abuse he was putting them through, as evidence of “orgasm”—especially for children who could not yet speak.

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