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This is the best product we've reviewed so far that deals specifically with how to attract women through humor.

If you struggle to make women laugh, or you can make them laugh but they're not attracted to you, then this is worth checking out.

Bobby talks about how he was often shy when first meeting someone, and because they had this expectation of him being a shy guy, he found it harder to be more funny and outgoing.

This is something a lot of people experience so it's really important to be aware of it and make sure you use it in your favor.

This is important as it's something many guys struggle with, often not knowing when and how to transition to different types of humor as needed.

For example, if a guy is teasing a girl and getting a good reaction, he'll often keep doing it and the girl will get annoyed or frustrated, killing the interaction.

As a result, many guys are left confused on how to use humor in a practical sense to meet and date women.

If you can get women laughing and flirting with you right away, then it gives you a confidence boost and helps make everything that follows even easier.

So it's important to know why something works and also when it's the appropriate time to use it.

With that said, as you gain more experience you'll be able to experiment a bit more with your own style and structure.

If you've ever read any advice about what women find attractive in a man, a sense of humor is always right up the top of the list along with confidence.

It's something that's just universally accepted, yet there's rarely any discussion of what type of humor actually works with women.

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