Working at an adult chat line

I don't know what your defination of pays well is but it certainly isn't anything you'll get rich off of.

There was almost constant brow beating and berating and talk of a lack of teamwork and co-operation as if she was not aware that the vast majority of her staff was doing this part time.Other people I was working with were earning £450 per week. I was always paid on time and the office staff are very helpful.I have worked with text 121 and the payment was small but again the more you do it the better you get at responses and the more you earn.I suppose recruiting more Mods was just out of the question.One thing is for sure, the more you tell an employee they can be easily replaced, the less they will want to go above and beyond for you if their position: 1-pays very little for the amount of time invested, 2-has no benefits other than being allowed to work from home and 3-all they have to look forward to is a check for a few hundred dollars once a month.

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They had somewhere in the range of one million messages and imagine at $1.00 or more per message they receive revenue from and they pay theire employees peanuts!

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