Wolfowitz dating muslim woman causes stir

He was US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs for the US Defense Department, under US Secretary of Defense Harold Brown.

The formal presentation of the competing views in a session out at [CIA headquarters in] Langley also made clear that the enormous experience and expertise of the B-Team as a group were formidable. They have been called "worst-case analysis", ignoring the "political, demographic, and economic rot" already eating away at the Soviet system.Paul Dundes Wolfowitz (born December 22, 1943) is an American political scientist and diplomat who served as the 10th President of the World Bank, United States Ambassador to Indonesia, US Deputy Secretary of Defense, and former dean of the Paul H.Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.In 1972, US President Richard Nixon, under pressure from Senator Jackson, dismissed the head of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) and replaced him with Fred Ikle. Wolfowitz wrote research papers and drafted testimony, as he had previously done at the Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defense Policy.He traveled with Ikle to strategic arms limitations talks in Paris and other European cities.

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In the summer of 1969, Wohlstetter arranged for his students Wolfowitz, Wilson, and Richard Perle to join the Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defense Policy which was set up by Cold War architects Paul Nitze and Dean Acheson.

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