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Its small body puts out 15 lumens of light, making this the ideal small safety light, useful for getting you home.

Buy now: Lezyne KTV Drive front light at Chain Reaction Cycles for £3.37 (reduced from £15.99) While it isn’t powerful enough to see with, the Lezyne KTV Drive will certainly get you seen.There are really two types of front light on the market: those that are there to help you see, and those that are there to help you be seen.The former will be brighter to help you pick out the general direction of the road and any irregularities in the road surface even when riding on unlit country lanes, while the latter are better suited to well-lit urban areas, making sure that traffic can see you approaching.In its most economical it’ll last a claimed two hours.Buy now: Leyzne Strip Drive Pro rear light from Wiggle for £28.99 (down from £41.99) The Leyzne Strip Drive Pro is billed as being one of the most versatile lights on the market. It pumps out a decent 100 Lumens too, so it’ll definitely get you seen. Buying a pair of lights is an easy way of making sure that you get well-matched front and rear lights that are suitable for the sort of riding that you’re doing, so you won’t end up accidentally buying a super-powerful rear light with a weak front light that won’t do the job on unlit lanes.

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