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This frees men and women to achieve creative challenging experiences rather than empty lives of meaningless leisure. If you believe it's about time for the human race to stop spinning its wheels, then let's get going!Obviously this book is speculative, but it is soundly based upon scientific developments that are now known. But this book on the future of our civilization is not for everyone. He has taught in the Evening Division of the University of Miami. Education for Change Acknowledgments The authors are indebted to countless people for the ideas and encouragement that have made this book possible. and JACQUE FRESCO Dedicated to the youth of the world who must meet the challenge of the twenty-first century. His interests include art, symphonic music, yachting-he lives aboard a 71 -foot yacht named Caprice and writing-he is the author of How to Develop Your Thinking Ability and How to Live Longer-Stronger-Slimmer. He attended Duke University and obtained a BA from, the University of Miami, majoring in psychology and minoring in music.Jacque Fresco worked as an industrial designer for thirty years, designing all types of equipment from prefabricated houses to automobiles, electronic and medical equipment, human factors systems, and hundreds of commercial products and inventions. Most of those who reviewed the manuscript felt that these enormous changes in man and his environment might happen in 1,000 years but not in the next century as we suggest.

And it is many times more difficult to understand a projection of fantastic and shocking changes that may occur over the next hundred years!And as the authors state: "You will understand this book best if you are one who sees today only as a stepping stone between yesterday and tomorrow. Cranbury, New Jersey 08512 Thomas Yoseloff Ltd 108 New Bond Street London W1YOQX, England SBN: 498 06752 1 Printed in the United States of America Other Books by Kenneth S. Member of the Authors League of America HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR THINKING ABILITY HOW TO LIVE LONGER— STRONGER— SLIMMER Contents Acknowledgments Part I. Few will be able to read it without forming an opinion before they see the picture as a whole.You will need a sensitivity to the injustices, lost opportunities for happiness, and searing conflicts that characterize our twentieth-century civilization. We want you to feed our ideas into your own computer, so that you can find even better ideas that may play a part in molding the future of our civilization." Designs and Illustrations by Jacque Fresco South Brunswick and New York: A. Barnes and Company London: Thomas Yoseloff Ltd © 1969 by Kenneth S. and Jacque Fresco Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 68-27189 A. To enjoy this book you will have to blend open- mindedness with critical skepticism.Suppose an intelligent man in New York City around 1860 had sat down one evening with a book predicting life a century later.He would have refused to believe that almost everyone in 1960 would be able to own a horseless carriage that could whisk about at 60 or more miles per hour.

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With his Victorian attitudes he would have been deeply shocked by the brief bikinis.

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