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She battled Steffy (Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood) for both Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Liam's (Scott Clifton) hearts. Oliver then traveled to Genoa City, Wisconsin, where he photographed Summer Newman for Jabot Cosmetics and caught up with old friend Tyler Michaelson.Waiting for a stuck elevator, Oliver chatted with Forrester model Maya Avant, then kissed her, despite her being engaged to Carter Walton.Oliver created a promotional video featuring Forrester designs, which Amber stole and delivered to the competition; Oliver forgave Amber and gave her a place to stay when she was fired.Oliver and Amber got drunk and had sex, after which she announced she was pregnant.

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Oliver worried for Aly when she regressed and accused him of ogling a scantily-clad Steffy.

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