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Friendship means a great deal to Donovan, perhaps even more than love relationships or romance.

For Tate Donovan to be happy, his mate must be his best friend and encourage Tate's aspirations and ideals.

His feelings are on the surface and Tate cannot hide his emotions.

His will tends to be a bit weak and he seems to lack courage.

Somewhat slow to take action, Tate Donovan thinks that he will fail because of his inadequacies as a person.

The Deception actor added that the future spouses are a "good couple." Donovan has known Theroux for many years, as they were once both involved in Massachusetts' Williamstown Theatre Festival.In the ’90s, the soon-to-be-50 year old New Jersey native was probably best known as Rachel’s boyfriend Joshua on ; in the 15-episode thriller, he plays Brian Sanders, the not-so-virtuous husband of a surgeon (Toni Collette) whose whole family is taken hostage by a rogue FBI agent (Dylan Mc Dermott) right before she operates on the president (James Naughton). I just went through it, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is not your usual CBS show.’“[Fifteen episodes is] an actor’s dream. v=Mw D2OR3n0TU:“Like I said, it’s about the writing. I don’t think we knew that it was going to be such a success.Donovan talked to PARADE about the show, the documentary short he directed for ESPN, growing up in New Jersey, shooting :“Well, you sort of get a glimpse into the secrets that he has, for sure. You get to work for a couple of months, and then you can go on and do different things. Normally, if you do a television show, it’s 25 episodes. Ben Affleck is a great director, and George [Clooney] was a producer I’d worked with before, [along with producer] Grant Heslov in Good Night, and Good Luck, and had a great time. An extraordinary amount of actors from New Jersey.”On his ESPN documentary, :“I’m a huge Arthur Ashe fan. Nobody really knows this, but his brother did an extra tour in Vietnam so Arthur could stay, because they don’t want the only two brothers in the family to be in the country at the same time. Us making a documentary about this story, he thinks is ridiculous, but it’s actually quite moving and beautiful.”On saying the kids from sent me all these articles. Tate has an optimistic outlook, good intuition and the ability to find and use opportunities to his advantage.His quick understanding of things allows Tate Donovan to see beyond ordinary limits, and he has the courage to exploit unexpected breaks.

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Tate Donovan, who was engaged to the former Friend in the mid-1990s, doesn't shy away from reacting to the star's slinky slit at the Golden Globes Sunday night. In general, crossing paths with his former flames like Jen and Sandra Bullock just comes with the territory of romancing the stars."I ran into Sandy and a lot of my exes [at the Golden Globes]," he admits.

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