Who is skander keynes dating now

A lot can change in that time, and I’m not going to compromise that.

I’m going to see what happens in four years’ time.

I was very intimidated by the whole thing and all the new people. We all clicked and we were very grateful for that.” On what he’s studying at Cambridge University: “I don’t have acting projects lined up right now.

But, it was great to get to know her and the other cast, as well. Everyone gets put in these situations, where you’re stuck together and you have to make sure that everything’s good. I’m focusing on my four-year degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern history. It was something I wanted to overcome, so I can go and live in Lebanon. And, academically, I find history—ancient and modern—very interesting.” On the films featuring universal messages: “These films have a religious undertone. They’re not necessarily Christian messages, but universal ones.

Their proximity engendered a wash of confused emotion.

It would be proper to disengage, to move away a little.

In 2009, he got nominated in this award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Ensemble Cast and Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor.

Skandar Keynes looks on as costar Georgie Henley gets up close and personal with lion cub Aslan at the Smithsonian Zoo during their recent trip earlier this month in Washington, D. The 19-year-old actor recently revealed in an interview with the Inquirer about his first meeting with Georgie, now 15, and leaving acting behind for now.

The truth was far more prosaic: she's scared of mice."I'm absolutely terrified of rodents," she says. I don't think he understood just how much of a phobia it was.

After starring in all three movies in the franchise, he gave up acting and enrolled at Cambridge University in 2010 to study Arabic and Persian Languages and Middle Eastern History.

It’s been over a decade since we first saw Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter walk through that magical wardrobe into one of our favorite fantasy lands of all time, Narnia.

Plus, in keeping with the rest of her on-screen siblings, she is currently studying English at Cambridge University.

Skandar Keynes was cast in the Chronicles of Narnia by chance: He was enrolled in a small acting class and was picked up by a casting agent at age 14.

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