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Railway regulations required a guard, the technology needed to even consider removing the guard just did not exist and the notion of a duty of care made the idea of getting rid of the guard a legal nightmare if something went wrong.

In addition, if you are going to have a guard who can alight onto the platform to check that it is safe to depart, you might as well have him giving the “right away” and opening and closing the doors if powered doors are used.

This is taking into account all costs, including Network Rail’s real costs – not the notional track access charges which may not relate to costs and are probably too low.

A Conservative government would really like to see at least part of the railway being a genuine going concern.

During the early years of railway operations, regulations required trains to have a guard.The Modern Railway’s article is probably the only conciliatory viewpoint that has been expressed.They have managed to put a far more rational case for looking into various issues of concern than the unions have and on the safety issue they suggest that the Rail Accident Investigation Board, the Railway Standards and Safety Board and the Office of Road and Rail should take a lead in declaring the safety benefits of having, or not having, the guards close the door and a second person being present.In the days before bright colour light signals and track circuits the application of detonators was really the only way that a train could be fully protected.It was all too easy for the driver to miss a paraffin-lit semaphore signal in the dark, especially if the train was pulled by a steam engine.

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The role of the railway guard has been in the news recently due to various industrial disputes in London and beyond.

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