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and Nicole divorced, but Nicole was ambivalent and wanted him back. She explained to Nicole that her own divorce was the hardest decision she’d ever had to make. loved him, but I wasn’t in love with him—there’s a big difference, I discovered.” Nicole and O. Kardashian, then unknown outside of a small community in L. This small, pleasant-looking, earnest-seeming man with the thick shock of black hair would become an odd, accidental celebrity. A.) He booked a return flight, and at 6 in the morning Pacific time, Robert Kardashian picked him up at LAX.J., but several dozen of their friends, and Kris, talked at length about his relationship with O. As for Kris, another female friend said that she had once been “the Donna Reed [a ’50s TV housewife] of our crowd. Churchgoing, always pregnant, and never did drugs.” After her divorce from Robert, Kris married Bruce Jenner and was in the midst of rebooting the former Olympian’s flagging career. She told me that every morning Bruce would now have to remind her to get out of bed and put on her jeans. needed to keep her distance because she was going through a lot.” Among these things were O.

“And I didn’t have an abusive situation—I didn’t have somebody who was hitting me or cheating on me,” Kris said. Four days later, during the unreal slow-speed Bronco chase in which O. crouched in the back while his best friend, Al Cowlings, drove the ghostly, police-cleared L. freeways, Kardashian would stand before the phalanx of cameras and read his friend’s “suicide note.” Kardashian became a key member of his friend’s legal defense team, officially and unofficially, and he attended virtually every day of the criminal trial.And as I did this research, and specifically one scene in particular, when we shot the scene at the funeral, when OJ kisses Nicole’s corpse, I remember we broke for lunch and I went in my trailer and I couldn’t stop weeping. Like I literally had a nervous breakdown and I said ‘I think I finally grieved for that family.’ I think it hit me that both of those families were shattered, and I just felt extreme guilt, you know? In real life, other friends were closer to Nicole than Kris was. The kids came of age in a world enclosed, on one end, by the trial of the century, which ushered in a new era of sexy scandals as wall-to-wall TV, and on the other by the massively profitable reality TV world that they minted and in which they have achieved ungodly success.

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