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I don’t want to say anything about what the cartoon is about yet because it takes such a long time to get those things going.”After the jump, C. If you take all those 10%s and put them away and give 100% of your brain it works better. It’s going to be better for me creatively and also I don’t want people to get sick of me.

Did you always feel that Louis would become such a huge phenomenon?There’s a lot of stories that I can tell and I think hopefully they’re going to look back on it and be glad that I did it. Is there anything you’d like to see happen with the characters in future episodes? I’d like to see them always come back together and be happy and in love somehow at different times of their lives. I’m excited about the girls who are cast as my daughters and I have to cast somebody to play my mom, which is going to be hilarious.I’m looking forward to it because it would be nice to see somebody like me represented on television—a single mom in her 40s who doesn’t look like a sparkling piece of candy. is also working standup material, but will wait a year before releasing another special. "I can’t feel that show anymore." Some background: Louis C.

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