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If all we have to remember him by is features, The older I get, I’m learning to cherish what I have instead of awaiting what isn’t promised.

I also had the pleasure to speak to Elect's mother who said she knew this would be his path ever since she bought him that drum set when he was five.

We can’t go one single weekly squad call without Yoh strolling in five minutes late then uttering some nonsense like Just the other day, we got into an argument about hip-hop’s biggest tease, Jay Electronica. You can't hold onto potential for twenty years. Everyday Jay We don’t remember potential, we remember the ones who reached that potential and broke through the glass of what we thought was possible. We remember heroes and the stories those heroes wrote.

Rather than argue for hours, causing our Mangaging Editor Nathan to pull out his beard one hair follicle at a time, we figured it was best to take our debate to the internet streets and settle this like men..sit behind computers all day and write about rap. When it comes to Jay ushered in an age of social media just to be overwhelmed by its offspring’s.

Vice President Jay Z puts on a Goodwill concert from planet Tidal (formerly known as Mars) in an effort to help popularize interplanetary space travel. The music industry is constantly changing, and it’s hard enough to predict what it will look like tomorrow let alone a decade from now. Think about how many artists are commercially successful at any point. For some perspective, that 18 years is as long as Jay Z’s entire career.

A second term President West just passed a bill making “All Falls Down” the new national anthem. When things change so quick, long term success and relevance becomes very rare.

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The way he uses words, it’s like listening to a wizard cast a spell, not just any wizard, but Merlin himself.

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  1. Of course reducing outrage is a socially valuable thing to do only if the outrage is misplaced – that is, if the hazard, the technical risk, is genuinely small.