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At the beginning of the movie no one believes them, but you can feel they’ll end doing something important, and I think the music played an important roll making them seem more heroes-like as the movie moves forward. There’s the main theme, almost fully developed, coming around minute one. Marc: “Before any note was written, I had a long meeting with Andres.

We just finished a project together, where he was the music editor, and things went very well, so we were motivated to start with this one.

I sent it over and seemed to work for the directors and producers.

How big the theme has to sound, and when does it have to reach the climax, in the movie.

It was very important to have a theme that would develop with the Jersey Shore boys/girls.

but there is one clear main theme that gets developed.

And that’s a conversation Andres and I were having constantly.

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To his credit, Jack has not only works for television and film, but has continued to maintain a grass roots approach to his craft.

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