Who is fonzworth bentley dating

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I too would date these brothers over SOOOO many rappers and athletes. i think bc of all the "down low" brothers, ppl are either traumatized & are quick to be judgemental & stereo-type all men who happen to dress nice, have manners, ect. We both can't be in the mirror trying to be pretty! Everybody wants to hate somebody for something I guess.

(then women complain that there is no one available to date, smh) There is definitely a pattern of these types of black men being called gay and it's retarded and so small minded. Now if Lil wayne dressed the way he did, or Idris Elba carried on in that same light, it wouldn't make sense! Could you really stand to see him with some golds, tats, & dreds wearing some fitteds and a plaid button down all while Jerkin?

Music artist -- is now married with a baby on the way?

Check out Fonzworth & his wife Fuane Chambers showing off the baby bump while on a dinner date last night... The twosome got hitched last year and wasted no time making their twosome a trio.

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