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The forum on our main website has over 4000 verifiable testimonials from satisfied clients.

(the independent review web site) gives The Logo Company a rating of "Excellent" and nearly all scores 5 out of 5.

You will receive an email the next working day or sooner, containing an unbranded questionnaire that can be reused to collect your client project requirements.

You will also receive several secure payment links that you should use to pay for the logos and other services you order.

by admin | Aug 30, 2016 | Latest News A recent testimonial from a new IT Support client based in Manchester, North West “IT247NW has been the answer to our IT needs and frustrations.

They are prompt, friendly, courteous and what’s most important – they translate the IT jargon into plain English and adjust the advice to our own circumstances.

Our client list includes; Loreal, Exxon Mobil, Duracell, Kraft, US Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard.

We have existing resellers selling our logo designs for several hundred dollars per project.

We have one reseller who sells logo design for over 00 a time to his clients.

Your clients designs will never appear in our portfolio. In just 3 working days you will have at least 5 initial designs for your client to view.

You get unlimited design changes and as many redraws as it takes to impress your client. Any revisions required are presented back to you in just 2 working days.

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