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Isn't this the quality that attracted me to him, isn't it one of the qualities I love the most about him? It just so happens that this is also the quality I despise the most during certain times of the year.

As a newlywed, Adam not being home at a decent time (and I consider 8pm a decent time) was frustrating for me.

Even though I spend a lot of nights home alone and attend a lot of events by myself I still wouldn't trade it for any other way of life. I can't imagine doing it any other way or doing anything else.

Yes, it is tough being a farm wife, but at the same time I have the opportunity to help grow the food that feeds America and support my hard-working husband who is out in the field everyday taking care of the crops and livestock.

If I knew it would be like this and it had been ingrained in me since I was a kid, then why was I having such a hard time with it? I see my friends with their husbands who have 9-5 Monday-Friday jobs and I'm jealous.

I didn't understand why my husband can't just put in a 40 hour week like everyone else and spend the rest of the time at home.

Honestly, in the three years we've been married I don't think we have been to one of my friend's weddings as a couple.I was well aware of this fact as I grew up; I remember my dad getting home late and leaving early in the morning during planting and harvest seasons.What I didn't put together was the fact that I would be home alone when my farmer husband was in the field.-If you are a farm wife, farm fiance, or farm girlfriend my advice to you is to find a hobby.You will go crazy if you spend your nights just waiting on your significant other to come home. My brother's girlfriend, Kari, and I have held each other accountable and trained for a half marathon.

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