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Between two and three years of age, the baby polar bears will leave the protection of their mother and begin hunting on their own.Polar Bears and Humans Climate change poses a serious risk to the long-term survival of polar bears.Unfortunately, polar bears that come into close contact with humans are sometimes put down.

Santa Monica Beach in particular is a natural asset that we take great care to preserve; the city of Santa Monica cleans and rakes the sand daily, and even offers a “trash valet” service on Fridays, weekends and holidays.

Pacific Park is has appeared in several movies and television shows including: Hannah Montana, Fat Albert, The Movie 90210, and the tonight show with Jay Leno.

The Park is owened by CNL Lifestyle Properties and run by Santa Monica Amusements.

Polar Bears have developed incredible senses that allow them to live in arctic regions.

Using a highly sensitive nose, polar bears can smell prey up to half a mile away and up to 3 feet beneath the snow. Seal blubber is high in calories and allows a bear to develop insulating layers of fat beneath their skin.

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