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Melody is also present in rap music but it’s not given as much significance as to how beats are necessary.

It’s just a secondary aspect in rap music which only serves as a bonus addition for the development of a better product.

Drum-mixes were the first beats used by the people to embrace rap music.

It has since started to promote peace and harmony all throughout the places it reach.

The period was dubbed as the second era wave of Hip-hop music and has been a permanent musical pillar ever since.Sturdy beats with recurring groove on a heavy musical arrangement combined with rhythm is the characteristic of rap music.Aside from the beat, a song cannot be complete without lyrics.Kool Herc, an African based in Jamaica utilised blue records and put together rhythms in order to entertain people in his community.It was in the 1970’s when rap was first launched in South Bronx, New York and it started to arise globally.

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