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2,432 of these students use their computer at home.[2] Through its chat and networking applications, the internet has become a source of socialisation among children and youth.

The services provide an opportunity for all young people to reach out for help and support through channels of communication that are easily accessible to them.

NCCC has local chapters across the country, led by dedicated volunteer chapter leaders.

There are also volunteer opportunities available with our National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) chapters across the country where you can help educate those in your community about HPV and cervical cancer.

It seems that children are more inclined towards writing an email or instant messaging (chat) than to pick up the phone.

Within existing e-counseling services for children in other countries, there seem to be very few “prank” emails or chat sessions and it appears that the subject matter is often of a more serious nature, with abuse cases and potential suicides appearing more often than via the telephone.

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