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I think you guys can appreciate the creepiness and down-right terror these pictures will instil in people.

Forget Nintendo's cock-drawing-transmitting Pictochat device, SEGA was facilitating experimental adolescent sex chat FIRST with its IR7000 Communicator. "I don't know if you really care about the whole battery thing any more, but on the off-chance you do; I found this in a laser pointer that was given to me as a 'gift' for fixing someone's computer.

As any one of us would do, he looked through the peephole. Lara is getting into the hotel room across from him.

As you can see by the pics, he used his i Phone camera to snap pics of the poor girl through the looking hole before dropping his trousers and making meowing noises at the door.

Quite an achievement, considering the technological limitations of the time period. The photo shows the 0% free from Mercury, 'Sonic Z' battery.""I have attached a scaled down version of the photo for use on the internet and also a larger file for printing should you wish to do so - Michael.""Noticed this the other day whilst MY GIRLFRIEND was watching Masterchef.

It has 14 amazing features, several of which are explained on the box. Or just coming across as aggressive while he TXT MSGs his crew about when/where the heroin shipment is arriving. An almost certain Dreamcast/BBC crossover, endorsed by a camp Australian and Harry Hill.

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"Since Gary could not make it to the Summer of Sonic fan event in Covent Garden today, I fulfilled my duty as staunch UKR supporter and strolled down to the Dragon Hall venue they'd hired for the day.""I turned up very late, since I was in bed most of the day, and as a result I missed performances by Richard Jacques and TJ Lewis (Sonic R vocals girl) which was a shame as I'd been looking forward to that.""However, organiser Svend Joscelyne of Sonic Stadium told me there'll be videos of everything available shortly.

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