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When saving the file in Excel 2007 or later, save as a macro-enable file type.

In part 1, you'll see how to create a blank Userform.

and as a programmer I'm too lazy to do it like this.

The other option is to set the handler for every text box to a constant expression in the form designer (eg I'd need to loop through the form's entire control collection every single time this thing fires.

The second argument that we use with Msg Box have up to one value from each of the separate sections of the table immediately above.

Bit of background info first - I've been struggling with a problem for a while now.

Users enter inventory data by opening the User Form, filling in the boxes, and clicking a button.

To see the steps for creating a User Form, please watch these 3 short video tutorials. In the videos, Excel 2003 is used, and the same steps can be followed in later versions.

Note: A lot of this material was prepared and posted before the release of Word 2007 and the introduction of Content Controls.Name & ")" Next l Text Box End Sub Private Function Fire Control Single Event(By Ref mp Control As Control, _ By Val ip Event Proc Name As String) Try: On Error Go To Catch Dim i Proc Name As String i Proc Name = Me. Print "Multi event handling cannot support the " & ip Event Proc Name & " event." End Select Go To Finally Catch: If Err. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Add buttons to the User Form Add Code to the Buttons Add Lists to Combo Boxes Test the User Form Create a button to open the User Form Create a Pivot Table Create a button to view the Pivot Table Finish the workbook See also, Basic Excel User Form To create a User Form requires some programming, and you can see the steps in the videos shown below. For the written instructions, look below the videos. In this example, inventory data is stored on a hidden worksheet, where it is protected from accidental damage or deletion.

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We can then loop through it and assign all of their event handlers to a single handler programatically. Private i Text Boxes As Collection Private Sub Form_Load() Build Control Collection Me, i Text Boxes, e Text Box Dim l Text Box As Text Box For Each l Text Box In i Text Boxes l Text Box. we only use it sparingly for certain things pertaining to a third party application.

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