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Do you spend hours starting at Excel while the macros finish running?As part of our Speedy Spreadsheet Week, today lets talk about optimization techniques for Excel VBA & Macros. (1) Quick optimization techniques & tactics (2) Optimization ideas for the long run This is easy pick.Fredric wrote about a problem he was having with a macro.When he is running the macro in the VB Editor using F8 (stepping through the macro), it completes in just a few minutes.In that way, you can determine which portions of your code are taking the longest time to execute.These are the code sections you then focus on, so you can figure out what they are doing that is taking so long.Doing so makes sure that Excel doesn't try to calculate intermediate results while the macro is moving things around or otherwise working with data.To turn off automatic calculation, use this line at the beginning of your macro: It is a good idea to turn off automatic calculation in a macro only if your macro doesn't rely on calculated information in the worksheet.

At the beginning of a section of code you want to analyze, you call the first routine (which saves the start time) and then at the end of the section of code you call the second routine.

You can learn by examining others code, reading books or helping others. For most of us running the code in shortest time is not the goal.

Very soon, you see that your own code becomes better & faster. Our goal is to meet end user needs & get things done.

Problems like this can be baffling, and they often take some heavy-duty analysis in order to figure out.

A good place to start is to add some "timer code" in your macro.

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So as long as your code runs fast enough leave it in peace and move to next challenge.

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