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The three-time All-Star has Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards on his resume, has caught a major league record four no-hitters and won two World Series rings during his 15 year career with the Red Sox.As impressive as those accolades are, it’s the knowledge that he’s accumulated after he retired from the game that has prepared him for the next step to the manager’s seat.“I’ve learned how everybody behind the scenes functions, how people management functions, how the different networks throughout the organization function,” explained Varitek. Louis, Brad Ausmus in Detroit and Kevin Cash in Tampa Bay are all recent examples of former players that became managers without any experience in the role.

Is a 1990 graduate of Lake Brantley High School in Longwood, FL, where he was primarily a third baseman...

It’s talked about now as if it were an instance of Varitek simply telling A-Rod to “shove it.” As if he just got tired of A-Rod’s crap and told him, more or less, to get lost.

The Red Sox would win the ALCS and the World Series. And, some time between then and now, the feel of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry would forever change.

Boston’s bench coach agreed to a two-year extension after leading the Red Sox to a 28-20 record down the stretch while Farrell was away from the team during his battle with cancer.

While it would be great if the Red Sox could keep Varitek in the organization, the time may come when he needs to move on in order to ascend to the manager position.

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Was 1 of 3 baseball players among Georgia Tech's 50 Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century, and his No. Continues to hold most Georgia Tech offensive records... Completed his 15th season with Boston, becoming the 4th-longest tenured Red Sox without ever playing for another Major League team behind Carl Yastrzemski (23 seasons), Ted Williams (19) and Jim Rice (16)...

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