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The 2 of them then live under the blame and scrutiny of the public regarding her Ouma's mistake.A short while later, a sudden system failure in their living unit forced a mass evacution.Thanks to the warm atmosphere in the Nirvana and the arrival of Kahlua and Misty, she softened up, and by the end of the series had changed into a kinder person, to her old team-mate's surprise.As the Chief/Leader of Nirvana's Dread Team, she shoulders a heavy responsibility when in battle.

Its main, as well as only known, form of attack is a high-velocity ram that pierces nearly all enemy units in its path.

She often holds a sample marked “A6” close to her which is presumably a research sample from her mother’s work.

She joined the pirates when Magno Vivian appeared and tossed a laser ring to her, telling her if she wanted to die so badly, she can try dying doing something cool. As squadron commander, she leads the other Dreads in battle and is usually called “Leader” or “Chief” by others.

Despite her stoic and strict nature, everyone looks up to and appreciates Meia and normally tries to throw a surprise birthday party for her.

However, she despises such occasions and once she flew off in her Dread to scout ahead of the Nirvana, just so that she would not be irritated by the crew.

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