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A cancer drug target is only truly validated by demonstrating that a given therapeutic agent is clinically effective and acts through the target against which it was designed.

Nevertheless, it is desirable to declare an early-stage drug target as ‘validated’ before investing in a full-scale drug discovery programme dedicated to it.

I didn't have Nsgmls messages enabled in Options/Validator Engine Options.... The three files are available online in my domain in sub directory /ATG/Calendar/ - I don't mean to be cryptic.

And now that I run my file code through CSE it also finds many errors, mostly due to missing semicolons. It is a work in progress and I am trying to avoid spiders creating links.

picked up this technique by studying the following maps tutorial web site: WHAT???!

John was that before or after I added your suggestion? I'm using the Bata 9.9922 The 2 files do the same thing, different map locations.

If doing a validation using only CSE's validation engine and it passes with no errors/warnings, and then using only nsgmls passes as well, then doing a combined validation that uses CSE's own engine and nsgmls should pass as well. Validation resuls are: [Java Script] 1 message was not shown because it was for another document.

Have been having the same issue with Google documentation and an other maps tutorial I found. I'm working on the ragged edge of my understanding on several front and dumb syntax sure muddle understanding. It was created by cutting and pasting the javascript function from the js file into the html file with required changed to the tag (remove src="./venture.js") As noted above I am using the current BETA.

Technically, for nsgmls, you may need to change " does not run nsgmls because it's a Java Script file, but when you put the script in an HTML document, then nsgmls is run (if the option to enable/use nsgmls is set) and nsgmls generates the warning.

Technically, for nsgmls, you may need to change "" Apparently the API doesn't see the char string as the end tag.

I do like your idea of separating the sheep from the goats, sort of.

Lou it was both before and after, and it still validates fine for me.

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