Validating domain

If you need assistance, please call, send an email or initiate a chat with our customer support center.When a domain name is submitted for certification, domain name authorization email messages are sent to each unique email address listed for the domain name's registrant, administrative and technical contacts. If only one email address is used for all domain name contacts, only one email is generated.

If initial screening indicates possible fraud, a more meticulous fraud review is applied to the domain.

If we don't detect any problems, we clear the domain name and the Certified Domain name authorization and validation process proceeds.

If your domain is denied due to fraud, call our support line, send an email or send a chat notification to one of our agents for assistance.

No distinction is made between upper and lower case.

The first character must be an alpha character [Relaxed in RFC 1123] .

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In addition, a computer-generated Domain Origination Certified Seal is added to the Whois listing for the domain name in question.

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