Valentine gift ideas for newly dating

Not proposing on Valentine's Day is perfectly respectable, but pulling a ring box out of your pocket and having it not be an engagement ring is just cruel.

An experiential gift is always a good idea, especially since it's also for yourself. Renting a fully equipped camper van and touring Big Sur is rustic in a good way; a week in the wilderness with nothing but a tent and a flashlight might be taking things too far. If you want to go for a non-traditional Valentine's Day gift—like a gadget, book, or piece of clothing—try to keep romance in the picture by writing a sweet card to go with the gift. It's not only an excellent thing you really wanted to buy yourself, but also a recipe for more dancing at home.

To ensure that you still have a Valentine next year – I suggest that you celebrate Valentine’s Day with one of our ‘not over the top’ yet entertaining suggestions.

Everyone has different expectations for Valentines Day.

Living between Australia and the UK allows her to indulge in her love of travel and she takes every opportunity to uncover the best holiday spots for couples and singles, both on and off the map.

Valentine's Day might be the worst but romance is not.

Hint: baby's breath is to be avoided at all costs.

If you're going to go the jewelry route on Valentine's Day, good for you.

It may also cause your sweetheart to think you are made of money.

Instead of grabbing an .99, cellophane-wrapped bouquet at the bodega or grocery store, upgrade to a real-deal arrangement from an actual florist.

It'll be bigger, more beautiful, and possibly come with a nice vase. To order something that will really blow your partner away, check out these tips from real-life florists.

If your partner isn't an outdoorsy person, rent a stylish Air Bn B or book a swanky hotel room and plan a city escape. Make the card more about that last part and you'll make a seamless transition from selfish gift-giver to Valentine's Day pro.

This is the easiest and cheapest and most standard Valentine’s Day gift option, and one of the best too.

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Don’t be hard on the other person if they don’t get it right, it gives them something to strive for next year.

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