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(I have never initiated the conversation, so not sure if I should do it or am I supposed to wait for him to ask? This is especially confusing because I "met-up" with a guy over a dozen times and he never brought it up... Are there even (non-religious) guys out there would even be okay with that? If the guy pays (even when I offer to pay for myself) is that an indication that it's a date for sure? I can't deal with religious doctrine, but when it comes to dating rituals I'm stuck in the 18th century (courtship as a process to getting married etc).7. I hear some Christians/Catholics wait -- but as I said I am not religious, I'm just not comfortable with the concept.

But even if you're a less religious consumer of all things seduction-tips, we're all constantly trying to get into each others' pants (and hearts… And we've all heard rules before that we're not supposed to transgress if we want to be successful. I believe that there were several truly evil figures throughout history: Hitler, Ted Bundy, and the Ed Hardy-wearing toolbag that coined this torture device of a rule.

Furthermore, Americans date sober I can picture some Brits reading the last point and thinking, “No problem.

I’d just order a beer or take a bottle to the graveyard.” Let me quickly scupper that particular master plan.

I am not comfortable kissing an almost stranger, it takes a bit of time for me to feel attracted - any suggestions on how I can get to know the person better, without discouraging them (with the prospect of dating without kissing)?

How do I even tell someone that cos I'm pretty sure they'll run like they were sprinting in the Olympics if they hear this. I feel like I am stuck in a parallel dating universe where I look like a foreign person, but am an American with American values, can't seem to find common ground with people who are from my culture but face impossible challenges dating the average American guy I'd find in the year 2011.

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