Updating to 4 01 m33

- The screen will be black for some moment, this wait moment is much faster than the one for savestates.- Once the screen is turned on, and if all went fine, your system will be now in the state in which you saved it.- With global states, you can load the state of any other umd, iso or homebrew, as soon as isos are really in the same memory stick or similar path, or in case of umd, the disc is present.(C.4) Go to Recovery mode (Power off your PSP by holding the power button for 10 seconds.Turn on your PSP while holding the right shoulder button to go into recovery mode).

If you plan to use the plugin for UMD's or for isos in normal mode, then you will have to flash the file in this directory, in /kd using usb flash0.

Just disabling the Umd cache in the XMB may not work properly, it is safer to flash this file. This file is not coyrighted, it is just a dummy module with the name of a sony file.- To save a state, press the home button in game, and once in the home button screen, press R plus one of the followings buttons: up, down, right, left, square, triangle, cross, circle or start.

Each of this button is considered a "slot", so you can have up to 9 states.

After finished, Check your PSP’s firmware..welcome to 4.01 M33-2!!

Jika Anda mengalami LAG saat bermain game pada CFW 4.01 M33-2..

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- Fixed important bug in inter-thread code (semaphore wasn't waiting due to interrupts disabled), that caused the load state to not be completely read in some cases.

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