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This is the traditional model that later religious traditions have inherited. Most contemporary biblical scholars believe that the Pentateuch began to take its preliminary shape in Jerusalem sometime during the late eighth century B. After the creation of the Pentateuch, the “law of Moses” became the “Law of Moses,” or in other words, the Torah, the first five-books.As historians, we can witness this change taking place through a careful reading of post-exilic books that appear in the Bible.Funding this magnificent project predominantly falls on the Beth Israel membership, rather than outside gifts or grants, so the Capital Campaign continues its work of updating the Beth Israel community on the building's progress and soliciting greater participation in its financing.We do have a ways to go, but for a small congregation we have accomplished a great deal.

These are separate literary traditions concerning the past produced by Judean and Israelite scribes.

The Bible may be a lot of things, but it’s not a history book.

When people are first exposed to a historical critical reading of the Bible, especially one that directly counters their traditional religious assumptions, it’s common for such individuals to respond by saying, “Well, there’s just so much that we don’t know about the past.” And this is certainly true.

We offer several adult education classes and study groups that meet weekly, as well as special events such as retreats.

Our Adult Education offerings expand and evolve as there is interest and as teachers come forward.

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