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This is very similar to the Kindle Fire HD instructions 1) Turn on the Kindle Fire HD.2) From the home screen, tap the “Apps” tab near the top of the screen.For those people there are still roots and ROMs to unlock the Nook Color to install apps and different versions of Android, including Honeycomb for the true Android tablet experience.You must register Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader must be registered to a Barnes & Noble account, which you can create for free online.The web browser has been upgraded to support Adobe Flash.

The Appstore has a very meager selection at present—about 139 apps at launch, and only about 15 free apps.The biggest news about the new firmware update for the Nook Color is that it turns the ereader into a quasi tablet of sorts with the launch of Barnes and Noble's Nook Appstore.The Nook Color can now install a variety of apps straight out of the box without the need of rooting or any hacking (of course you can still do that if you choose).3) Here’s the tricky part, tap “Store” at the top right.5) Tap “App Updates” in the menu box that comes up at the bottom of the screen.

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Hopefully this is just an issue with the Adobe app that can be fixed, because even high-end tablets like the Motorola Xoom don't always play Flash video smoothly—but at least it's watchable.

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