Updating streetpilot c330

I'm not sure if there is any ready made OSM maps with less detail, otherwise you can create some yourself.

To do this, you could use Mkgmap with a custom style to only include roads.

A serial connection will be very slow for loading large maps.

So you need to get some OSM maps installed in Map Source.

Or other options listed here OSM Map on Garmin/Download.

says: Load map onto card as /garmin/Have you tried that? I first wanted to find out whether it would be possible for a golden oldie like the Street Pilot III before I were to spend money on it...

More general information can be found in the OSM Map On Garmin wiki page. The C330 listed is a different one than the one I would be picking up...

The updated maps can be downloaded from the Garmin website and transferred to a Garmin GPS device using the company's proprietary software.

Garmin maps for the Garmin Street Pilot c330 car sat nav.

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