Updating ipod on another computer

one of the other responses mentions that 'if you press “menu,” the center button, and “pause/play” at the same time, the ipod resets'.has anybody managed to figure out a quick way to reset the shuffle?? my sister and i have tried to link our two ipod minis so that they share the same library.

So whether you've purchased a used i Pod still registered to another computer, or bought a new i Pod and want to transfer its registration, your only option is to reset the i Pod to factory settings and then re-register it.

beforehand, my sister had placed songs on her ipod.

now, her ipod will not update using the songs from our new shared library– it just runs through her old song titles without playing anything at all.

i have tried to restore her ipod's factory settings, but i cannot figure out how. if anyone has any info./ideas on how to get her ipod up and running again, that would be a big help.

– by laureni got my ipod and messed around with it using windows me and i would get the folder/exclamation icon and my ipod wouldn't do anything else.

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