Updating ipod do not disconnect

My brother bought the IPod four months ago, and he hasn't usei it yet. I accidentally told my computer to stop recognizing my i Pod. ") There is no indication whatsoever anywhere on my machine that an i Pod - or anything for that matter - is even plugged in...

When I plug it in, i hear the "USB connected tones" followed immediately by a new tone (for what its worth, it goes "dunk! How can I trick my computer back into recognizing my i Pod?

I've been in tears of frustration trying to fix this problem after downloading itunes version 10.something.something today. When I connect my ipod, my computer does make the "sound" that it is attaching, but It's not in My computer... I have two ipod touchs in my house and they both are brand new. Everytime I plug it into my computer the screen flashed with a red crossed out circle and reads do not disconnect. This is brilliant guys, anyone reading this, just seriously try it!

They both hook up to my laptop just fine but when i hook them up to our desktop, its says that " This ipod cannot be used because the required software is not installed. What do you do when your i Pod is not recognised by My computer?! My i Tunes does not register said i Pod but it does show up in My Computer, In your step three you said to Right Click the i Pod in My Computer, when I did this it did not look like what you showed on your picture. Signed up to write this comment ;) xxxxx Its nice to see this is still helping people. We no longer do customer repairs we only handle wholesale contracts.

i Tunes doesn't recognize it still, even as a corrupt i Pod, and now it just displays a lit screen that says " DO NOT DISCONNECT." I am currently living in Russia and haven't seen any apple stores where I'm at to take it to. I am so upset I use my i Pod all the time, I just wanted to update playlists and music :((You have no idea how grateful I am for this amazing solution to a problem that I thought was (maybe) unsolvable.

Wish I could help you further but doubt i can unless you find yourself near Peoria Illinois. one ipod is synced to one laptop and i just bought a new ipod for the other laptop.

Dear Instructable Irepair chap or chappette THANK YOU. when i plug in either ipod to the 2nd laptop they dont give me those options there is just the options to explore and open. Just like "thatringokid", my ipod does not show up in My Computer. :)I just received a used 30GB i Pod classic from my brother. Last time I spent a fortune ringing up the helpline for apple ipods, and i have actually always had this problem, actually having to buy a new one because i thought it was the only option. Signed up now, and I will use your site whenever I have a problem!

Wouldn’t mount, Disk Utility couldn’t do anything with it, no choice but to click the magical Restore button from the latest i Pod Updater.

If you're having issues using your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch with i Tunes, the USB communication to your device might not be working properly.

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