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here the problem started the quick format never completed it is showing as raw drive and i cant access it in the my computer 1) can i roll back the firmware back to CC382) should i try the bootable firmware updater ?Only way which it can be done is by Seagate doing it themselves. Although it was a very long one, over 10 pages which was started late October last year. This firmware is beta and I will not share it as I am not allowed to, and that it is easy enough to ask them. By using this firmware update you consent to this provision.I can't see any answer/response listed but the question is marked as Date Closed as today at the same time I raised it, very odd :-( all it does is limit the peak read speeds to about 60MB/s instead of allowing it to be higher near the start of the drive.towards the end of the drive where speeds normall are slower, there is no difference. 90% sure after reading, confirm it tomorrow, or well today Well I posted my support request and now my question has "solved by rule" next to it whatever that means.

Beyond that, sometimes a new SSD firmware can even offer performance enhancements along with better host system compatibility and drive reliability.Mines just sitting around doing nothing, I was going to chuck it in the HTPC as a recording drive. I'm currently backing up all my crap; probably won't get to flashing until tomorrow. I trust that the Serial number and Model number that I provided to Seagate will mean they know if my drive is flashable or not. Unfortunately, I forgot to do a before screenshot of HD Tune running, though there's not much difference there.Note: The AAK firmware on the Seagate drives is not to be confused with the AAKS model Western Digital drives, there's no relationship between the two. System feels snappier but that could be placebo effect.I ended up with one of these, think I got it from MSY.I'd be interested to know if you can now flash the SATA drives.

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Upgrading an SSD's firmware though isn't always as simple or intuitive as it should be.

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