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S.: Yale University (1964) Professional Societies: Fellow, American Physical Society Fellow, AAASSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, American Association of Physics Teachers Honors and Awards: IBM Outstanding Achievement Award (1982)APS Aneesur Rahman Prize (2014)MCS Julius Ashkin Teaching Award (2014) Curriculum Vi TA Visiting Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2012–15Head, Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1994–99Professor of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1984–Adjunct Professor, Center for Simulational Physics, University of Georgia, 1982–IBM Research Laboratory Zürich (Switzerland), 1979–84Post-doctoral Research: Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1976–79Post-doctoral Research: Kernforschungsanlage Jülich (Germany), 1974–76Post-doctoral Research: University of Köln (Germany), 1971–73 My main area of research is solid state physics and statistical mechanics, with an emphasis on computer simulations. I have worked especially on thermodynamic phase transitions combining computer simulations with a renormalization-group analysis. Wang, Negative temperatures and the definition of entropy, Physica A 453, 24 (2016) M. To find the snapshot to use, I’ve obtained the path to the master image and a specified snapshot via the ).This is essentially a path/directory that I can parse – I’ve explicitly specified the master image and the snapshot to use. Swendsen, Efficiency and time-dependent cross correlations in multivariable Monte Carlo updating, Phys.

I wrote the following Power Shell script to reload the Exchange performance counters. $VMSnapshots = Get-Child Item -Admin Address $admin Address $VM.Full Path -Recurse -Include *.snapshot $Target Snapshot = $VMSnapshots | Where-Object # Publish the image update to the machine catalog # Task = Publish-Prov Master Vm Image -Admin Address $admin Address -Master Image VM $Target Snapshot.Below is the full code listing with comments inline that should provide some detail on the process the code follows.At this point the code provides some error checking for the most important steps.

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