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Followed munky's guide to install EFI Boot V6.1 [21] Intel Pentium D 820 Follow instructions in the 10.5.7 HCL entry, then update through Apple Software Update.After rebooting, the system may hang of reset during bootup. Boot i ATKOS DVD and reinstall all the patches (no boot loader, core system or post-install actions) you installed with 10.5.7 (in the 10.5.7 HCL entry).Works except for HDMI out only yields 1024x768 for Apple Studio Display Install Method: i Atkos 10.5.7 Chameleon 2.0 RC2 r 640, then Apple registration, do not reboot yet, then repair permissions, then reboot, then 10.5.8 update from HAL. Tried Netkass latest cutie booty, and funny "bag of hurt" says I have to upgrade my firmware. Note: For some reason, If during registration the user creates no password, everything fails. After 10.5.8 upgrade MSI Nvidia N9500GT-MD1G-OC will be: Chipset Model:n Vidia Ge Force 9500 GT/Bus: PCIe /PCIe Lane Width:x16/VRAM (Total):1024 MB/Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)/Device ID:0x0640/Revision ID:0x00a1/ROM Revision:0x/Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz/Depth:32-Bit Color/Core Image: Hardware Accelerated/Quartz Extreme: Supported/HDMI=1280X720 0r 1080i (the three outputs are simultaneously active, nvidia no green). HDMI:1080i looks like crap (looks good in Windoze though)/DVI and VGA look awesome.I could not find any Insanely Mac references to this issue. Needed the Remove CPUPower Management on the 10.5.1 original install.This was addressed through improved environment sanitization.” Further details about the security specific changes can be found here at

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Users running prior versions of OS X Yosemite can find the update available now from the Mac App Store Updates section, accessible through the  Apple menu.

The download weighs in around 1GB and requires a reboot to complete installation.

Please keep alphabetical order inside the categories.

The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. no, but for better performance, install OHR (otherwise reboot/shutdown doesn't work), ACPI, intel 950 drivers (included in i ATKOS v7). Secret=if unsure, leave the install package unselected, fail, read the logs & try again.

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