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The sons of the deceased Maharaja begged Erskine not to interfere with their customs.Finding him resolved to prevent the sati practice, while pretending to negotiate, they secretly summoned the Bhils and other turbulent tribes, and in the night, opening a way through the fort wall to the river bed, the queens burnt themselves with their deceased husband.There are several wells hewn out of the solid rock, and, though dry, in good preservation.In 1858, the principal building in the Bhadra was occupied as a mess-house by a small force sent to keep order in the Mahi Kantha during the troubled times of the Mutinies. Outside, at some distance from the Bhadra and opening immediately on the Hathmati river, is the Idar gate, is close to it is a small mosque in perfect preservation, its windows worthy of notice, being each ornamented outside with a carved stone canopy while the frame is filled with carved stone work representing trees with foliage, through the interstices of which, a tempered light streams into the building.He founded the town to keep Raos of Idar State in check.

After independence of India in 1947, Idar State was merged with Union of India.

This mosque is said to have been built by Nasar-ul-Mulk, the eldest son of Sultan Ahmed Shah I. It is an oblong hollow or pit about 100 feet broad and 500 feet long.

At the foot of the flight of steps, which form one of the sides of the pit, is a stone basin, filled with water from a perennial spring and with stone cloisters round three of its sides.

The cloister on the north has disappeared, but the others, in fair preservation, are fine specimens of architecture.

Tradition ascribes the work to Taj-ul-Mulk, another of the sons of Sultan Ahmed.

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