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Last year this time, I was still with my boyfriend.

I keep beginning and deleting, I just can't wrap my head around what happened still.

i feel ur ex is really gud for u,so go for him...ol d connectns wid ur new bf... Another option would be to write down pros and cons about each guy.

But the more I tried the worst it got, wanting to be close to him and the guilt was driving me mad.

But I believed it would pass as I thought he was just a charming, out-going guy. Another few months went by in this emotional confusion.

Being with one or the other would mean very different lives I decide? Life happens to us all and it's now just in your thinking to accept you were lucky and had to make a hard decision. And there are always consequences in choosing one or the other. me ex was of the same cultural/ethnic background as me, and the new man from a very different part of the world What seems to be the block for you personally?

i'm not too sure...i think perhaps i don't really know what i want and i make decisions too quickly...i do not let myself get attached easily (my ex was the only one I ever got attached to) How would you feel if x or x died tomorrow and you had to just be with x or x and there was no more deciding if my ex died tomorrow part of me will surely died,too..i will most likely never forgive myself and wish i didn't break up with him...i would wish he died knowing how much i love him.

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