Tv pack guide not updating

EXE in Windows Explorer; by creating a desktop icon and then clicking on it (with and without administrator rights); and even by going into the Task Scheduler and running it from there.

Most of the time, the result is literally nothing: there is no feedback, no indication that it's done anything.

If you aren't using Schedules Direct perhaps check your XMLTV source. Creates a reasonable looking XML file but Guide still is empty. I switched to SD in mc2xml but I can bypass the xml step altogether and access SD directly in the channel setup. After changing the source did you remember to remap each channel?

I'm getting the same results with Schedules Direct, though.

Hi, We are using Windows 7 Media Center with an Infini TV 4 PCIe tuner.

For almost two weeks now, the electronic program guide has failed to update properly, and I'm hoping that somebody here can help.

If you need more space for a wireless update, you can update using i Tunes or delete content manually from your device.

It's as if I had not performed any action at all on the computer.

Sometimes, though, I can follow the process in the Notification Area icon by hovering over it, or by opening Task Manager.

There are also some grabbers not included in the XMLTV project distribution. The Xmltv Unrelated Projects are things which don't use the XMLTV format but are somehow connected to TV listings.

There are big changes because the WMC EPG data provider is being moved to Rovi from zap2it and today, the 21st, is one of the critical dates in the cutover. I'm getting the same results with Schedules Direct, though. Creates a reasonable looking XML file but Guide still is empty.

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