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All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.” Amen, Mr.

After 80 episodes, seven seasons and a few thousand 'Tru Blood' bottle's worth of gore, HBO's adult fantasy drama True Blood is ending.

Just a little recap, as the ending still bleeds like a fresh wound in the back of my mind, the final episode fittingly called Thank You ended with Bill wanting to meet the true death, nearly convincing Sookie to lose her powers forever (for a chance at normality.)Other less depressing moments include: Jessica and Hoyt's Wedding, Eric killing off the Yakuza and Sarah Newlin eatin' garbage. So, let's start with the Bon Temps gang's new projects and where you'll see 'em, just to fill the void they've left us with!

Five years (in the events of True Blood) later, Sookie Stackhouse is heavily pregnant and is probably married to a regular human bloke.

What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world.

Based on Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mystery novels, True Blood was created by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and has always steered well clear of expectation, instead opting to make a more, let's say, defined stamp on the schedules.

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Over a year ago, one of the sexiest supernatural shows on TV, True Blood, met its untimely true death. Pa Ric made a successful new empire of New Blood from Sarah Newlin's blood, and lastly, Sarah Newlin tormented by Steve Newlin's ghost in Fangtasia's basement - which is what she deserves for being a horrible, horrible bitch. don't lie, I miss True Blood, and I'm sure you still do too.

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