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The liquid is gathered in a tray or other vessel and after it has cooled the oil that floats on the water is removed with a spoon and clarified over a fire.The remaining pulp is thrown away as useless or is used as fuel for ovens, still containing a great deal of oil from the depraved way they have operated.…five days after being harvested the olives are ground in a horse powered mill.Chilean traditions are manifested everyday in their lives.In the year of 1560, Don Antonio de Ribera…brought with him from Seville several Olive Plants, which he carefully saved, and put up in two great Jars, and of above a hundred which he had brought, there were but three slips only that were alive, the which he planted in a fruitful Soil and Valley, wherein he having also other fruits, such as Grapes, Figs, Pomegranats and Oranges, Limes and the like…A man greeting a woman, or two woman meeting will greet with a kiss on the cheek.More informal relationships lead to greetings with a big hug (un abrazo) for men and a kiss on the cheek for women.This is very convenient when you have your hands full.Pointing with the lips can indicate a single direction, or moving the lips can indicate a motion or larger area.

Lips are puckered and pointed in the direction of interest.

A big style right now is the wearing of the replica of the Argentine World Cup soccer team jerseys.

Not only are these found in stores, but are easily found for sale on numerous internet sites.

(See Eating Chilean Beef) Chilean historian Pereira Salas explains that “olive oil had very restricted culinary use in , serving only to dress salads; beef fat was adopted for cooking and is one of the most important characteristics of Creole diet.

What butter is for the French, olive oil is for the Italian or Spaniard, beef fat was for the Chilean”.

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